The Organisation’s Projects

Support Groups 

Scheduling and coordination of a number of topics of discussion to assist daily living and these include:

  • Weekly Topics on 

    • health, nutrition, hygiene, HIV/AIDS prevention and stress relieve

    • Financial matters

    • Managing a household

    • Parenting

    • Human trafficking 

Support Groups to Scholars

  • Weekly Topics on 

    • health, nutrition, Personal hygiene, HIV/AIDS prevention and stress relieve

    • Accountability & Friendship

    • Attitude, Loyalty and Honesty

    • Discipline, Leadership, 

    • Diligence, Goal Setting, Faithfulness and Maturity

    • Respect, Etiquette & Manners

    • Sexual Integrity

    • Human trafficking

  • Weekly Activities on

    • Phonics and Spellings

    • Reading and Comprehension

    • Maths Exercises

    • Bible study

Feeding Schemes

  • Daily meals for school going children, including any unscheduled request for nutritional assistance

  • School going children are provided with lunchboxes for school

  • Weekly hampers to school going children, including their entire family members

  • Daily meals and weekly hampers to volunteers assisting the running of the projects

  • A weekly meal with a hamper distributed to homeless people

Clothing Schemes

  • Regular clothing and assistance in school uniforms for all children enrolled in GCC’s educational programme, including their family members

  • Assistance to young mothers with new born babies

  • Blankets during the winter months are handed out every year, primarily to new enrolments and the homeless

Current Location of GCC and Service Catchment Area

Grace Community Centre is situated in Berea, Johannesburg, where most of our services and programmes are currently being implemented.

Our service catchment areas are: Berea, Yeoville, Bellevue East, Bez Valley, Bertrams, Hillbrow and Troyville. These areas are underserved and predominantly occupied by black communities.

For many, the basic, day-to-day existence is a struggle, poverty, HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence is on the rise, leaving a multitude of challenges such as teenage-headed homes, teenage pregnancies, human trafficking, orphans, broken families and many more challenges.

Proposed Location and Service Catchment Area for Expansion of
    GCC’s Projects

The following areas have been proposed for Grace Community Centre to deliver the next phase of its projects:

  • Observatory

  • Kensington

After Care and Media Centre

This project includes the following services:

  • An opportunity for children to complete their homework in a supervised and safe environment

  • An opportunity to complete their homework with assistance if required with the necessary tools such as:

    • Stationary

    • Reading material

    • Computers, and

    • mentoring

  • Weekly computer literacy programmes

  • Monthly scheduled recreational activities, such as

    • Age related group outings

    • Monthly grouped birthday parties

    • In-house educational and entertainment video-clips

    • Career related outings to various companies

    • Art and cultural activities

  • Community service opportunities for pupils and students to complete, offering their services in various areas

  • Students’ participation in guidance and assistance to homework and other activities, offering the students an opportunity to practice and possibly complete their projects, whilst assisting our beneficiaries 

Being a community driven initiative and a Public Benefiting Organisation, (PBO 930015427), GCC meets the requirements prescribed in section 30 of the income Tax Act.






83 Hillbrow Street
Berea, 2198
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Grace Community Centre (GCC) Nonprofit Organisation (NPO 023-365)

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