The Organisation’s Objectives


We aim to continue providing the following:


  • Good wholesome food to the beneficiaries attending GCC’s educational programme

  • Weekly hampers to the entire family of the beneficiaries attending GCC’s educational programme

  • A safe and monitored environment for pupils to complete their school work and projects

  • Offer pupils and students the opportunity to complete their community service and/or dissertation/thesis in a safe and supervised environment

  • a conducive, welcoming learning and stimulating environment, where the beneficiaries meet and share their experiences

  • Weekly soup kitchen to the homeless

  • Various outreaches and poverty alleviation initiatives

  • Strengthen and develop the capacity of vulnerable target groups, through participatory trainings, capacity development that leads to personal assertiveness

  • Influence the quality of life for future generations, by creating access and opportunities to various learning skills


We aim to achieve the following additional goals in the new facet of GCC’s expansion:


  • Provide life coaching workshops for all age groups

  • Recreational indoor and outdoor activities, offering leisure time, including educational and emotional upliftment for socio- economic and cultural necessities 

Current Location of GCC and Service Catchment Area

Grace Community Centre is situated in Berea, Johannesburg, where most of our services and programmes are currently being implemented.

Our service catchment areas are: Berea, Yeoville, Bellevue East, Bez Valley, Bertrams, Hillbrow and Troyville. These areas are underserved and predominantly occupied by black communities.

For many, the basic, day-to-day existence is a struggle, poverty, HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence is on the rise, leaving a multitude of challenges such as teenage-headed homes, teenage pregnancies, human trafficking, orphans, broken families and many more challenges.

Proposed Location and Service Catchment Area for Expansion of
    GCC’s Projects

The following areas have been proposed for Grace Community Centre to deliver the next phase of its projects:

  • Observatory

  • Kensington

GCC’s Strategy in Delivering Services

Grace Community Centre’s strategy aims in placing empowerment as the main focus, in order to reduce risk and vulnerability. This is a practical solution that encourages, the beneficiaries to effectively develop coping and leadership skills to help them deal with socioeconomic and personal challenges. Opportunities are given to beneficiaries to gain practical skills with career, livelihood skills and potential vocational training.

Through the training components of our programme, beneficiaries are enabled to identify their challenges, suggesting a workable solution that addresses their needs. This aids our community members to empower them by instilling a true sense of ownership as they fully participate in the process of drawing up workable solutions that effectively address their needs.

In a similar manner GCC is aiming to approach several Schools with a specific programme, Men and Ladies of Honour, which is designed to create the next generations leaders, to empower them to achieve their full potential in school and career.

Being a community driven initiative and a Public Benefiting Organisation, (PBO 930015427), GCC meets the requirements prescribed in section 30 of the income Tax Act.






83 Hillbrow Street
Berea, 2198
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Grace Community Centre (GCC) Nonprofit Organisation (NPO 023-365)

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