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Introducing Grace Community Centre 

Grace Community Centre (GCC) was birthed in 1999 with a vision to assist the most neediest of communities within society. The organization was registered as a Non-profit Organization (NPO 023-365) in 2002 and since then has been aiming to address the needs of the disadvantaged and underserved community.

Initially the organization emphasized on  the needs of vulnerable women and children affected by HIV and AIDS, TB, violence and poverty in a community, whereby opportunities are still profoundly unequal, even today. The project at the time, focused mainly to enhance and improve the individuals lives by promoting a healthy nutritional and emotional way of life. Concentrating on protecting their rights as civilians, whilst assisting them to improve their health and to restore their dignity in the process.

The project moved from focusing entirely on infected and affected HIV/AIDS individuals to promoting self-sustainability by focusing on educating it’s members. By becoming familiar with the community’s immediate needs and the various problems it manifested, we were able to assist its members in an appropriate manner by evaluating and implementing the necessary services that they required to overcome their difficulties.

In summary, our daily experience in this environment, assisted in making the decisions of providing a balanced lifestyle to the target group of people meeting the criteria for GCC’s assistance, hence the programme included four weekly support groups on various topics from health to finances, feeding and clothing schemes for the entire family, job placements, education, medical referrals and legal status.

In the twenty years that GCC has been offering its services to the needy members of society, it is now equipped to embark on a new facet of its life cycle by including an additional feature which will focus on merging business and charity for its BEEE and Section 18A potential, creating an opportunity for tax deduction in favour of the taxpayer, who has sponsored towards GCC.

We are currently on the next phase of growth, to expand the organization by developing programmes to assist corporates, postgraduate students and the public sector, firstly, to promote self-sustainability for GCC’s long-term lifespan and secondly, to offer capacity building for the community members’ future growth.


 Our Vision is to be a caring Centre that offers an integrated intervention that includes provision of basic needs, healthcare, education, psychosocial support and socioeconomic development to the underprivileged. 

The second phase of the Vision, is to create an educational and recreational facility, creating a balance between the two, whereby adults and youth can be directed to achieve their full potential and aspirations in a relaxed and monitored atmosphere.


Our Mission Statement “To put an end to oppression, to provide food to the hungry and to satisfy the needs of the oppressed, to always guide and restore the broken heart and to rebuild the broken home” (Isaiah 58:8)

The second phase of our Mission is to inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams by providing them with the necessary tools to accomplish them.


Our initial goal is to ensure that vulnerable individual’s within the community we serve, are provided with all the necessary support, to overcome their difficulties and to provide opportunities to develop their future to improve their socioeconomic status. 


The goal of the second facet of the programme is to ensure the business continuity of GCC’s initial objectives, stated above, by embarking in the expansion and implementation of an educational and recreational facility offering workshops, art and life coaching to pupils and students on the premises that is equipped and structured to facilitate such services. 

Being a community driven initiative and a Public Benefiting Organisation, (PBO 930015427), GCC meets the requirements prescribed in section 30 of the income Tax Act








83 Hillbrow Street
Berea, 2198
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Grace Community Centre (GCC) Nonprofit Organisation (NPO 023-365)

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